View Full Version : Overland & Monster parts the same?

2014.05.29, 03:06 PM
Is the overland chassis and monster chassis the same? So will hop up parts for the monster fit on the overland? I know that the axles and wheels are obviously different but what about things like damper mounts? and dampers? and will the 2.4ghz monster board fit into an overland chassis?
I have been searching through the old posts on the forums but can't seem to find the answer im looking for.

2014.05.29, 04:00 PM
Also while I got your attention....
What tires can I get which will be best suited to crawling? Which are readily available and at a decent price!! I have gone through the sticky thread on tires here but most of the tires on that aren't available anymore

2014.05.29, 04:36 PM
Ok so im going to get all my questions out in one go while they are fresh in my head!!
I have the landcruiser body for my overland and don't know which gpm damper mounts I need to get. Long, middle or short? my guess was middle because the body setting is B 2, but im not sure!

2014.05.30, 02:53 PM
anybody tried mounting losi micro crawler/desert truck/trail trekker wheels on an overland?

2014.05.30, 06:00 PM
what about 1/32 flyslot truck tires? anybody used them?

2014.06.01, 02:01 PM
no replys?