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2014.05.30, 08:23 AM
the end of the month in here, get you HFAY times uploaded for Race 9 and 10.

We ran our races last night, Small turn out but lots of fun as always running the Mini-Z's. I had a co worker come check it out to and brought some family, but they didn't stay long enough to run any mains. they all did pretty good for their first time out. His Daughter didn't seem too interested though. :(

I see times already uploaded for the following clubs, thanks.

Washington Area GTG
Salt Lake Mini-Z

2014.05.30, 10:05 AM
We ran our HFAY Races last night, I'd have to say I killed the clockwise direction, then I had my typical 10 lap drop in the counter clockwise direction.

I really need to work on getting smoother in that direction. this track I feel I had a good run going but just couldn't match my average lap speed I could in the clockwise direction. My fastest lap of the night was a 3.68 in Race # 9.

anyone else have this issue or is it just me? :confused: I don't seem to have this issue with my 10th scale cars. we'll maybe I'd be faster with them too, but can't convince them to run clockwise for me to test my theory for some reason. :p

2014.05.30, 01:35 PM
the facts might not show this but i generally feel it's easier running CCW. i always feel much more comfortable with CCW than CW. it may have more to do with already having several hours of track time by the time we get to CCW.

2014.05.30, 02:03 PM
Running ours today so will have the times loaded within 24hrs.

2014.06.02, 10:03 AM
Western Zydney racers has uploaded thier results. thanks. :)

Does anyone else have times for these races? I think we are just missing Burncity Mini-Z's times for the clubs that are currently racing. Let me know if you have them so I can get the times processed.

2014.06.02, 10:53 AM
just uploaded the Burncity MiniZ results.. sorry for the delay guys..

2014.06.02, 11:37 AM
just uploaded the Burncity MiniZ results.. sorry for the delay guys..

not a problem. thanks for getting them in.

2014.06.02, 11:56 AM
results have been processed for races 9 and 10.


also you can see the final standing for Season 17 here


2014.06.02, 08:47 PM
5th place!? Not bad after a hiatus. :-)

2014.06.03, 08:07 AM
5th place!? Not bad after a hiatus. :-)

great job Kris.

2014.06.03, 07:27 PM
Congrats all! Slowly working my way up the ranking :)