View Full Version : Mini-Z Buggy Pairing issues.

2014.06.07, 04:05 PM
I recently pulled down my shelf-queen Mini-z Lazer Buggy and am having pairing issues.
I have tried pairing it to both my KT-18s and my EX-5UR with no luck. I bought this thing a couple of years ago with my Optima. I played with the Optima and shelved the Lazer to look pretty.
Now I want to race and the Lazer is having none of it.

One weird thing is that the LED indicator never blinks. My Optima's LED clearly indicates a blink or a continuous light but the Lazer never blinks and kinda, sorta looks like it's pulsing super fast but honestly it could be a trick of my old eyes.
Either way, the LED is not as obvious as my Optima period.

None of the usual troubleshooting points in the manual apply and I'm not sure what to try next. This thing has never been used yet and I'll be bummed if it;'s a brick.

Any tips on what the weird light may signify or what to try next?


2014.06.08, 12:39 PM
maybe check the wiring and make sure there isn't a pinched wire or something like that. the board is in 2 parts with a wire plug that crosses the center drive. it could have a wire pinched at that location.

Possibly a bad switch too. with the Led not lighting up seems like is might not be getting all the power it needs to bind.

worth checking out anyways. hope you get is sorted.