View Full Version : Doing a slight redux to the ancient OL

2014.06.08, 09:22 PM
Well I finally pulled my OL out of the closet it to play with my son who loves cars (he is 3 and already has an RC one he plays with). Noticed the tires had dryrotted and started doing some research. Found out atomicmods is gone and the OL parts were getting scarce. I went ahead and ordered a couple of smaller parts and will probably grab a motor and aluminum engine mount later on.


Order list for the time being.

I have a pretty beat Merc body and a pristine BMW body.




Anyway happy first post for me :)

2014.06.12, 08:21 PM

Tires snagged.

2014.06.13, 05:03 AM
hi, from what lego set are those tires from? I am also just getting in to the OL and am searching for tires. will you need to lift the body for those tires? and I guess they are going on racer wheels too?

2014.06.13, 06:33 AM
I just ebayed the size tire they are and $2.00 later I ended up with those at my door.

I have already thrown them on the ol rims to size them up before my racers show up and no body lift required. Slight rub at max, but nothing that will cause issues.

2014.06.15, 01:09 AM
Love Overlands... :) Sweet tire upgrade too! Hope they run good for you :)

Welcome to the forums. Tons of good info on here. I've been here for a long time and I'm still absorbing new and old info. Great pics too! Thanks for the post!

2014.06.21, 05:43 PM
Got all the parts in. Going to have to order an aluminum rear housing I noticed the plastic one has cracked. Other than that everything when in well. I may have to loctite the upper control arms they keep coming loose.