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2014.06.09, 02:25 PM
High Speed Hobbies will host round three of the Carolina Cup on either Saturday August 16th 2014 or Saturday September 13 2014. The preferred date for the shop is September,13th but if there is likely to be a larger turn out for the August date then August it is. If there is any input from the membership that is "likely" to attend we would be happy to hear from you.

Classes will be selected shortly and posted. hoping to hear from old friends and looking forward to making some new ones.

Until then keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down.

2014.06.09, 02:57 PM
For what its worth, August 16 is a no go for me and September 13 is only a little better.

2014.06.09, 03:29 PM
For what it's worth, plenty. You are a valued member of the group. Maybe a little too tall but valued none the less.

2014.07.03, 02:00 PM
I can try to reschedule some work so I can make Sept 13 work a little better for me, but I don't want to go to the trouble if you guys end up going with Aug 16. Can we get the ball rolling on this sooner than later? That would be a big help to me and I'm sure others.

2014.07.03, 03:26 PM
You should be able to bank on the September 13th date. All of the parties that were contacted by email for date preference have elected not to respond so we can go with the date that best suits the shop.

2014.07.03, 09:44 PM
i added this to our calendar but it happens to fall on our HFAY race date. just want to make sure all our guys know it's on at high speed hobbies. :p

2014.07.07, 07:53 AM
what classes are going to be run?

2014.07.07, 08:52 AM
That hasn't been decided yet but will be very soon.

2014.07.21, 10:23 AM
Have tried for input but have gotten none beyond what ever.

Currently leaning toward a GT-1, LM-2 and Can/Am-1. That should make everybody happy. Well. Happy may not be the correct word but it should open it up a bit for the out of towner's.

2014.07.21, 10:42 AM
You can put me down for all 3 classes.

2014.07.21, 10:46 AM
Wouldn't have it any other way.

2014.07.21, 11:12 AM
no interest in F1?

2014.07.21, 11:21 AM
Possibly. It would need a decent car count and since the big "glitch" debacle so participation has waned a bit. I have spares of everything else though.

2014.07.21, 03:43 PM
see what they say, i'm kinda interested in coming

2014.07.31, 08:08 AM
have you asked about the F1 class? still no interest in it?

2014.07.31, 08:21 AM
I will inform you tomorrow.

2014.07.31, 05:25 PM
will there be a drivers list this year on who is coming:D

2014.07.31, 07:05 PM
Probably not. There hasn't been a need for it. You are there or you are not.

he consensus tonight among those present was that there would be no F-1 class for this event. It would likely inhibit participation instead of help it. we will stick GT-2 LM-2 and Can/Am-1. These have proven to be the most popular lately. Sorry Brian.

2014.08.01, 09:41 AM

thanks for asking tho Mike

2014.08.01, 09:47 AM
You are welcome any time. There is enough gear around that I'm sure we can find or arrange an "arrive and drive".

2014.08.06, 09:53 AM
let me ask another question because i can never keep tabs on this...sorry..bad memory

GT1 is ___

LM2 is ___

CanAm1 is ___

2014.08.06, 12:39 PM
For the exact specifics for each just check the rules thread at the beginning of the forum but basically any class with a 1 uses open motors anything with a 2 uses spec motors. Can/Am 1 is run what you brung and hope it's enough. There are some other things so check the rules.

2014.08.06, 01:37 PM
thanks Mike. i'll try to remember, and i'll keep in mind next time the 'definition' thread.

2014.09.01, 11:10 AM
hey guys
we are about 2 weeks out from race day hope to see everyone

sept,13,2014 @11:00 am

2014.09.01, 11:34 AM
I contacted Matt to put something on the shop social media page as a reminder.