View Full Version : June 14, 2014 - Open Practice

2014.06.09, 03:28 PM
This will be held at Hobby Works, Fairfax, VA

As HFAY Season 18 starts in July, we will utilize this date for open practice. So come out to test, tune and hang out, have a good time :p

This is your last opportunity to test and tune ahead of our inaugural 86mm class season that begins in July. :cool: July to November will be 86mm only class that is run on Kyosho Stock race dates. December will be 86mm and 90mm mix class with 90mm only picking back up January to June to 2015.

2014.06.12, 07:33 PM
just a reminder, i'll be opening up the track for practice, test and tune this Saturday!

2014.06.13, 08:52 AM
What classes and what time

2014.06.13, 10:27 AM
open practice, any class you wish. I will be tuning for HFAY myself. My stock class is already setup, 'd like to tweak my 86mm class car, depends on who else shows up for the day. if' it's just me, i'll tune for HFAY and call it a day.

2014.06.14, 10:44 AM
Track up and open for practice.

2014.06.14, 11:20 AM
We have a new novice stock class driver, Todd! Picked up his merc 102mm sports kit today.

2014.06.14, 07:45 PM
We have a new novice stock class driver, Todd! Picked up his merc 102mm sports kit today.

Must have been before I got there.

It was a good day of practice and a nice day to get out as well. I'm real happy with my LM HFAY setup. I may consider getting a new rear end setup in LM guise for the next season.

I'm going to retire something so I can setup an 86mm car. I like the Lotus but I may explore some other options.

We did get Brock up and running with his new MA-020. We had did some drifting and later threw on some Kyosho tires. It ran really well and I managed to pull of a 4.9 only after a few steering adjustments. The car was consistent but IMO not as fast as I'd like out of the box like our box stock cars. It was fun to drift though and I may try and find the parts to get mine back together for that.

Thanks for setting up today Arch2b.:cool:

2014.06.14, 09:21 PM
Thank you for setting up the track. I enjoyed running my new ride and I look forward to the next session. I ordered a new transmitter when I got home, so I hope to be completely up and running soon!

Thanx for all the help today with helping me get started.

I could use some suggestions on tools and spare parts to stock up on. If anyone has a list of some items to keep in tow, let me know!

2014.06.15, 11:45 AM
great to have you jump in Brock!

Todd was there ab out noon. He saved up his own money to buy the kit so he has respect for it. :cool: the merc LM should be a very good stock class kit to start with for him but will need some assistance to reinforce the front end as they tend to be fragile, especially with the knocks novice stock class will provide.

the lotus can run rather well ;) i look forward to seeing it on the track.

i'm still not entirely satisfied with the rear end on my HFAY car. it spins less but still has a tendency to kick out on left turns. the only thing i haven't tried is a tri-shock. perhaps someone has one i can try out?
for the life of me, i can't find any of my ICS parts. i have the other bits i'll bring on the 21st.

anyone have suggestions on providing a carrot to stock and 86mm class races? i don't want to give away a body as that may cause some at the bottom to loose interest but want to provide something so there is that bit of desire to get to the top. just want to keep it fun and interest high.