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2014.06.29, 06:52 AM
My new shell


2014.06.29, 07:00 AM

2nd photo

2014.06.29, 07:43 AM
Source? If you will.

2014.06.29, 03:23 PM
Nice. Is that a tao racing body?

2014.06.29, 05:08 PM
Turns out it is from X-Power. Anyway, it is up on their site. it appears to be a great deal more robust than what is available now. Unless of course we delve into the slot car world. It appears that the mounting system is more user friendly as well.

2014.06.29, 11:53 PM
i don't know if it's the same, but kyoshosan posted some pretty cool lexan body pics by tao-racing on his blog...

2014.06.30, 06:44 PM
not only does x-power have the pan car body but also the touring car style body but it mounts through a new all in one dps plate and body post holder which might affect handling if it hits the boards since the bulk of the hit is going to be transfered to the dps plate an it might shift or tweak cuasing inconsistent handling... either way definetly a cool option but not sure if it is going to be "race legal"

Also went to the website that Kyoshosan posted for the other lexan bodies... they have even more options like audi r8 and others but I can't find out how to order from them. They post a price of 20 euros for most of the better bodies but there is no place to click to buy. There is a contact link so I shot them an email if they will ship to the us and take paypal... we will see

2014.07.24, 08:08 AM

New shell

2014.07.24, 08:21 AM
that can-am body looks like it remains planted and drives like a dream even if your setup isnt dialed in