View Full Version : Motor Lead Ring Terminals

2014.07.04, 02:50 PM
has anyone found a suitable replacement ring terminal or eyelet for motor lead wires? PN has nice thin ring terminals but are crimped so reuse it not easy.

2014.07.04, 03:14 PM
It appears that Mouser Electronics would be your best bet. The inside diameter of the eyelet measured 2.5mm

2014.07.04, 04:51 PM
Yes Mouser or Digikey should have what you want. I have purchased some eyelets before for use with a Mini-Z. I used Digikey part # A27147-ND. They are quite small and are considered a "budget" eyelet but they do work.

2014.07.04, 05:17 PM
Your issue is that other terminals are to big?
I simply sand them down. Or use a nailfile for it. Most of the time only the sides to make them narrow, but leave the length intact for better conduction.