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2014.07.05, 03:19 PM
I was wondering if anybody could build a atomic rc maxed out brushless mr-03 for me.

2014.07.05, 04:32 PM
First. Welcome to the forum. Now. perhaps a bit more information on what you are attempting to do. You say an Atomic RC maxed out MR-03 brushless. Where to you propose to use this monster? Something even loosely interpreted would need virtually "acre's" to stay right side up on a pool table level surface. These little guy's don't handle even "finished" concrete surfaces very well in stock trim let alone equipped to do a full tilt "boogie".

There are alternatives and short cuts available such as the X-Power conversion for the Mini-Z. This platform is 7.4V lipo compatible and when added to the MR-03VE(brushless) control board is more than able to exceed the "vanishing point". You know. Creating that little cartoon outline hole in the wall at the end of the straightaway while re-kitting itself or worse and this is all with the smallest motor available.

There are a large number of people on this forum that will be willing to help you go in any direction you want but what you are asking for right out of the box will most certainly run you completely out of disposable income way before you figure out how to drive the little critter.

We are here to help. Just let us know.

2014.07.05, 09:18 PM
I have my own mr-03 with a 70t engine which I race at my local hobby shop. I have decided to take a little more time and get really good at racing my car, and then I will get somebody to build this for me. :)

2014.07.05, 11:30 PM
But I might get a track for myself at home, in which case I might want a custom built ma-020 to do some drifting. I have an acre of land in my backyard where I could put a track. If anybody who is very used to mini z's could custom build a ma-020 for me please email me here: arul@venkyh.com Edit: I am much better at drifting then I am at racing.

2014.07.06, 09:58 PM
If you are looking for a raceworthy mr03 I wouldn't waste money with atomic or with brushless. At my local hobby shop we are probably the most competitive group on n America and everyone runs the xpower mrx carbon chassis with lipo and the pn dbl a arm front end. You would also need a variety of tuning parts like springs, tplates, fluids etc so as to dial the car to your racing surface. Furthermore you would need a tire truer and the correct tires to get the optimal grip. If you could provide your racing surface and conditions it would be easier for others to help set the car up to the conditions. Just because you throw money and speed at a car it doesn't mean it will actually be fast.