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2014.07.10, 07:04 AM
So I have bought a cheverolet caprice police car body and it came without the chassis mount. I ordered one from asiatees and they sent me the mount for the alfa 156gta. I then contacted them and asked if they could send me the correct mount, they said they would and again sent me the mount for the alfa 156gta! they have since told me that they are the same size and should fit the caprice. however the problem I have is that I don't have a chassis I can test these on at the moment (I sold my all my MR01 and MR02 chassis' and bought an overland)
Does anybody know if this chassis mount will be ok for the caprice body? I bought the body to sell and I don't want to post it without a body mount or with one which won't fit.

2014.07.11, 05:26 PM
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2014.07.11, 06:09 PM
Have you tried searching for the nose clip? Not sure they sold them individually back then.

2014.07.12, 06:04 AM
yes I searched for the individual clip and the aluminium clip on asiatees was the only one I could find. The part numbers for the alfa clip and the caprice clip are almost identical (same numbers but one has an s on the end) so I guess they are pretty much the same. I think I will have to buy myself a cheap MR01 and test it out for myself.