View Full Version : WTB: Mini-z AWD and Autoscales/bodies

2014.07.11, 09:39 PM
1. Name - Paul G
2. Location - Blacksburg/Potomac Falls, VA (Depending on when I find them)
3. Contact PM
4. Description - 2.4GHz AWD chassis and bodies

Hey guys,

Looking for an AWD chassis to drift around the house with. Would prefer a 2.4GHz chassis, but nothing else specific that I'm looking for here. TX is not needed. Looking to spend $100-$150 max depending on what it comes with.

Also looking for some autoscales/bodies to run on my MR-03 and the AWD if/when I find one. Would love an Altezza, AE86 Trueno, Skyline, or even another GT86, but am open to pretty much anything. These don't have to be in great shape, I plan on using them to race/drift and help me keep my current FR-S(GT86) looking good.

PM me with what you have.



2014.07.14, 08:14 PM
Found an AWD, still may be interested in bodies for use on the awd and mr-03 so shoot me a pm if you've got any.