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2014.07.23, 02:40 PM
just wondering... i saw two versions of kyosho's 50th edition mr03ve chassis...
one is blue, and the other is black... wondering if the color is the only difference between the two... is one more sought after than the other? and what about pricing? do they cost the same? thanks for any replies... :confused: apologies, if this has been asked before...

2014.07.23, 02:48 PM
please post part numbers or references. i've only seen the blue chassis set listed on JPN website scheduled for July release. Kyosho blog has shown cases delivered so it's just a matter of time before it ends up in my put box. opps, meant to say domestic shops :p

No.32780 50th Anniversary specification MR-03VE JSCC Blue Limited Kyosho

2014.07.23, 06:59 PM
I think Herman is referring to the Original MR-03VE 50th Anniversary Edition Chassis. #32761. The Blue one is the JSCC 50th Anniversary Chassis.

2014.07.23, 08:33 PM
two different chassis setup. jscc is not the same as the black chassis. the black is going to be more desirable due to more common chassis setup. i prefer unique so i'm going for the blue myself.

2014.07.24, 06:28 AM
out of the box, the differences are:
setup as RM, comes with mm parts
includes ECO Tune motor

standard chassis
setup as MM, comes with rm parts
includes X-Speed motor

again, anything that comes setup out of the box in the most common configuration is going to outsell the other so the standard kit will sell more i'm sure. the only real difference between the two is the motor it comes with however.

note, the VE JSCC kit comes with far less upgrade parts than previous JSCC kits. notably the lack of rear disc damper, oil shock, optional springs, wheel nuts.

2014.07.26, 11:08 AM
thanks for the reply...

so basically the only major difference is the motor...
brushless xspeed eco on the blue chassis...
brushless xspeed on the black chassis...

packaging (out of the box)... blue comes in the narrow 94rm setting...
black comes in the wide 98mm setting...


2014.07.26, 07:43 PM
they typically have the parts to change the track width, just as they do the motor configuration so again, the only real difference is the motor it comes with. the rest is just a packaged setting out of the box. most will buy the black regardless.

2014.07.27, 01:20 AM
anybody know what jcss means?

2014.07.27, 09:03 AM
i would imagine the kyosho mini-z cup rules explain it some where? isn't that one of their cup classes?

2014.07.27, 09:29 AM
It appears that the acronym of JCSS stands for Japanese Championship Cup Series. Key word here is "appears".

2014.07.30, 11:44 PM
thanks for the info guys

2014.08.01, 12:06 PM
Hi guys!

This chassis is the JSCC and not the JCSS.

JSCC stands for Japan Sport Car Cup.
It's a cup using only "civilian" versions of the sports car. So NSX, Celica, Subaru and toyota GT 86, Honda S2000...

2014.08.02, 12:37 AM
cool... i think that sounds more logical... hence the narrow setting and eco motor i guess...
thanks for the info... :D