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2014.07.27, 09:56 PM
Just recently got an MA-010 from another member on here. Right now its just being used as an around the house drifter. The chassis came with quite a few upgrades installed and I was wondering if you guys could help me figure out what some of these are. I'm assuming the motor isn't stock, and am not sure if the diffs are either. Sorry for the terrible pictures, they were taken from my phone and turned out a lot worse than I was expecting







2014.07.28, 04:39 AM

If you got it from a member here, why don't you ask him about the details?

In short, lot of alu parts. Replaced the motor, looks a ball diff in the rear.
You also have 1.5 of rear toe-in. Probably replaced the springs to.

2014.07.28, 06:41 AM
I asked before I bought it and he didn't know all of the details because he had gotten it from someone else. I'm pretty sure both front and rear springs were changed and it has cambered knuckles in both front and rear as well. I didn't see any markings on the motor or diffs and can better pictures of those if they'll help.

Also, does anyone know of a way to tell what offset the wheels are?

2014.07.28, 09:47 AM
Gold battery terminals would indicate a special edition chassis as well.
The white gears are likely upgraded delrin gears (the diff may have came with it, but the one on the output shaft driving the diff was upgraded)

Wheel offset. If you mean the ones it came with, you can likely google it.

2014.07.28, 05:11 PM
looks like
http://www kenonhobby. om/PN-Racing-Mini-Z-MA010-90-94-Rear-Lower-Mount-Silver_p_42729.html
http://www kenonhobby com/PN-Racing-Mini-Z-MA010-94-98-Rear-Upper-Cover-Silver_p_42735.html

http://www kenonhobby com/PN-Racing-MA010-Alum-Rear-Toe-In-Bar-15-Orange_p_42504.html

http://www kenonhobby com/PN-Racing-MA010-Alm-175-Camber-Knuckle-Blue_p_42464.html
http://www kenonhobby com/PN-Racing-MA010-Delrin-Spur-Gear-29T-30T_p_42541.html but could also be 3racing

Your ball diff and out drives could be 3racing but I'm not sure. I don't know who makes a white gear for that one.

The motor spacers are 3racing and the motor looks of the atomic type.

It doesn't look like the FETs are upgraded from the bottom set but that doesn't mean there isn't anything stacked on the top set.

In the case of the PN Racing stuff they have different color options and what I listed may not be the same color but the same part.


2014.07.28, 11:57 PM
Awesome, thanks for the info guys. I didn't see any stacked FETs on the top of the board each other, but this helps a lot. Everything is working fine as of right now, but I just like to know what all is in my cars. Although earlier this week something was slipping where the front wheels were not getting power. I ended up re-seating the rear spur on the drive shaft and so far it seems to be holding up.

I'll try and get a better picture of the diffs sometime later this week.

2014.09.17, 02:30 AM
Your diffs looks like Atomic's diff (http://www egrracing com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=154_4_366&products_id=5812) with delrin gear.

2014.09.24, 01:02 AM
Thanks for the link Petrokl, that definitely looks like the diffs in the car.