View Full Version : mr03ve board failure

2014.07.30, 12:16 PM
Hi, I'm a new comer here. I just bought a new mr03ve PCB and this is my second car assembled. However, the pcb board seems weired. I can successfully pair with the car, but not everytime the car can get connected with the transmitter after pairing. I need to on and off the car and transmitter to bind them together for at least several times.

I have another car which can bind with the transmitter everytime under the same environment. As a result, I think that should not be a problem on transmitter itself. Is there any idea about that? thanks.

2014.07.30, 12:33 PM
Hi there and welcome to the forum!

I have found the mr03ve board is pickier at establishing a connection with a transmitter compared to a regular mr03 board. Keeping the car and transmitter a few feet apart when powering on helps. If the connection doesn't work after a few seconds I turn the power to the car on and off again and generally it connects instantly - I rarely have to do this though.

Try having the car and transmitter further apart when powering on and let us know if it helps.