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2014.08.01, 05:26 AM
greetings all, after a trip to hk pretty recently... i am glad to report that i was able to finally visit the hobby shops a bit earlier, when the shops were open!!! as some of you probably know, my previous trips were in vain as most of the shops were closed when i visited, well except for one (hobby hobby) more on that later.. i was pleasantly surprised to find... well just a handful of shops that are still open in the vicinity of kws (kwong wah st) compared to a couple of years back there would be a whole lot more hobby shops in the area, and well, during my last visit, i could only count 5...

amongst the 5, action hobbies seemed quite popular, last time i visited this shop, i believe the shop has grown and in my estimation, probably doubled in size in terms of area... the shop owner is andy lam who happens to be one of hk's top r/c drivers who has won quite a few races...

shop 31 g/f yan on bldg., 1 kwong wah st., mongkok, kowloon hk

2014.08.01, 05:32 AM
here's another shop called man lee model well i guess that's what it says on the calling card i took from the shop.. i found it pretty stocked up on mini-z parts...

shop 15a g/f yan on bldg. 1 kwong wah st., mongkok, kowloon hk

i eventually figured the reason why... they promoted the mms (multi mini station) track in their shop... i visited this track a couple of years back and i wonder what it looks like today, perhaps on another trip... here's a link to that track... www.rcmms.com.hk

2014.08.01, 05:39 AM
here's another shop... racing model shop (which is right next to man lee model)... which also had some mini-z stuff....


2014.08.01, 05:55 AM
finally, the picture below shows another two shops, right next to each other... the one on the right is tq racing model, while the one on the left of it (although not quite evident due to the bright lights), is hobby hobby (look for lucas if you get the chance)... of all the shops there, i surmise that this stop closes the latest based on the last two occasions i visited which resulted in late night, last minute, shop now closing purchases... hahaha :D

hobby hobby - shop 4 g/f tsui yuen mansion ph2 2-20 kwong wah st. mongkok kowloon hk

2014.08.01, 06:09 AM
in spite of seeing these five shops which made me happy, i couldn't but help feeling some kind of sadness because this place used to be full of hobby shops a couple of years back... higher rental rates i guess is moving some of them out... just happy to see that there are still shops in that area... and quite happy that i had the time to go there when they are actually open... hahaha...

as for purchases.... well i did kind of splurge... but more on that later...

here are some pics of stuff for sale...




2014.08.01, 05:02 PM
Good stuff herman! I hope to make it there some day soon.


2014.08.01, 08:03 PM
Looks like fun! :)

2014.08.05, 04:05 AM
thanks bye... yes you should drop by... before they all relocate... :D

2014.08.05, 04:07 AM
yes lfisminiz.... i had a blast...

here's something related.... had a better blast here... rcphk relocates 07/2014 (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=452983#post452983)

2014.08.05, 05:23 AM
Nice. Thanks for sharing, but hate to hear about Mini-Z shrinkage in HK too!

2014.08.07, 08:03 AM
Thanks again for sharing with us. I posted it on my Blog :D
Here (http://kyoshosan.blogspot.ca/2014/08/another-visit-to-rcphk-club.html)

2014.08.08, 02:57 AM
@kyoshosan - many thanks!

@traveler - yes, a bit sad as well... was happy that i was able to get to the area earlier this time, and actually see the shops when they are open! my previous trips proved futile as i unfortunately got there late and only saw 1 shop open (hobby hobby)... wondering where the other shops went... maybe this merits another article... "in search of... the missing shops"... cue in music....