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2014.08.05, 03:33 AM

hello... just in case you didn't see my first article regarding - rcphk – mini-z & dnano track hong kong --- click here (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39602&highlight=rcphk) and come back to read some more...

greetings folks here's an update... last july 23, 2014 i got the chance to revisit rcphk located in hk... prior to my arrival, i received good news from kevin (aka rc.dna on these forums)... rcphk had moved to a new and bigger location...

since my last visit (jan 12, 2014)... i thought that it would be nice to pay them another visit to see what the new track would look like, and what other part of hong kong they may have moved to... so, a couple of weeks prior to my arrival, i asked kevin for the new address... and he replied that they just moved to a bigger place downstairs... pretty convenient!!!

the new place totally looks awesome... from the approximately 1,700sq feet (157sq.m) they have been calling home for the past 2 years... they moved up to a 2,600sq feet (241sq.m) space located on the second floor... which looked a lot more cozier...

2/flr. unit 2d - 404 kwun tong road, kwun tong, kowloon, h.k.
if you see this... you know you've come to the right place... somehow i think i've heard that somwere before... hehehe

track pic



hmm that's me again... in my never say die racing outfit... hahaha... man i really need to get new clothes... like seriously...

2014.08.05, 03:36 AM
kevin mentions that rcpkhk is a semi private track now... this basically means that they are open to the public and accepting new members, from the previous around 20 members they had at the old location, they have almost doubled their membership to about 40 members... and apart from a steadily increasing membership, they are now selling stuff at the track...

some mini-z goodies...

kevin also mentioned that membership rates for a silver membership cost hk$500 per month, and regular operating hours are wed 18:00 – 00:00 and sat 15:00 – 00:00... unless you opt for a gold membership (costing hk$800/mo) which will include a key to the door to the track for unlimited track access and a fixed pit station...

some of the pit spaces...



kevin's table... hmmm chocolate...

2014.08.05, 03:39 AM

while at the track, i was quite fortunate to meet stephen... the guy behind xpower... during my last visit, i do remember kevin showing me a fully compatible chassis for the mr03 called the mrx... right now, i believe that this is the standard at the track... kevin tells me that everybody shaves off at least 1-2 seconds on their laptimes by switching to the mrx... and currently, they are using these lexan bodies... further reducing another second... the complete mrx car (full option ready-to-run) costs about us$660 (more info can be found on the x-power website)

with stephen the guy behind xpower...

mrx... lipo power...

just drop in your mr03 or mr03ve board... and you're off...

kevin's ride c/o master pillar... what a beauty eh?

other bodies.... can you say lexan????

2014.08.05, 03:45 AM

for their lapcounting system, they are currently using the zround software with the robitronic hardware...

after a while this guy comes in (andy lam - a top hk rc driver and owner of action hobbies) and tries out the track for the first time on a borrowed car from a member...

top r/c driver andy.... the guy next to him is another top driver, also from action hobbies

why do i know him? well i knew him from a long time back... from visiting his shop... he still looks the same... and prior to going to the track, i visited his shop to purchase some goodies... hehehe... from the looks of it, it didn't take him quite long to dial in and get real familiar driving the mrx...

with stephen and andy.... like what happened to my hair?

andy and stephen on the track... come on, show me what you've got...


2014.08.05, 03:46 AM

and again before i know it, i had to split before my ride was about to turn into a pumpkin.... after being out almost all day (it was hot and humid) it was a welcome treat going indoors (can you say air conditioning?) a cool place (pun intended) with a bunch of cool people... all in all it was another great experience, and hopefully rcphk will stay at its current location for a long long time...

other pics...





2014.08.05, 03:47 AM


pit tables


2014.08.07, 08:04 AM
Thanks again for sharing with us. I posted it on my Blog :D
Here (http://kyoshosan.blogspot ca/2014/08/another-visit-to-rcphk-club.html)

2014.08.07, 06:30 PM
Thank you for sharing herman! Awesome track & shop.. Lot's of wish list stuff in this thread, ooh boy...:eek: Serious $$$$ :D

2014.08.08, 02:44 AM
@kyoshosan - thank you for featuring the track on you blog!

@felix2010 - you are welcome... :D

it's always nice to share some info on things that we are all interested in...
yes, all nice things to put on your wish list... hehehe

like i wish for a mrx... hehehe...

2014.08.09, 12:37 AM
Great shop and racing facility. It's always been on my list to open up a shop and racing center similar to the ones I see posted throughout the forums. We need some more places to race Mini-z here in Ventura and Los Angeles.

2014.08.10, 12:07 PM
greetings... rcpmini-z... i got to visit kennon a couple of years back when i was on vacation in the US... great facility... based on size, i figure it's the biggest rcp track that i've seen... got to meet mr philip ng the guy behind pn racing and grant "world champ" matsushima... really great cool bunch of guys... wishing you good luck...

side note... from what i'm told, initially this track in h.k. evolved because the current tracks in h.k. did not allow the use of foam tires... so a bunch of drivers bonded together to set up a track using their own rules... i understood that it was a private track which was not open to the public (back then)... as they were not into the hobby to make money... i also figure it wasn't cheap to lease a space just for the love of the hobby... it's pretty good news these days, now that they are slowly opening the track to the public, allowing them a membership... :D