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2014.08.09, 04:37 AM
Hi all,

Here is my latest paint job I have done. ^^


2014.08.09, 08:49 AM
that's dope, different...would love to see that run around the track

2014.08.09, 09:28 AM
thanks Sammich!

Here is another shell I have been working on. ^^!

2014.08.09, 09:51 AM
Greetings and welcome to the forums. Cool work. How's the Miniz scene in Taiwan? And from what part of Taiwan are you from?

2014.08.09, 10:14 AM
Very nice work! Those look incredible!

2014.08.09, 11:00 AM
Very nice job! Thanks for sharing with us! I posted the Monsters INC in my Blog if you don't mind ;)
Here (http://kyoshosan.blogspot.ca/2014/08/custom-painted-sc430-monsters-inc-body.html)

2014.08.10, 03:54 AM
Thanks all ^^.

Alex: it was my pleasure that you have shared my work on your blog.

Herman: Actually, I am a Hong Konger (strange terms!) and living in Taiwan, Kaohsiung, southern part of Taiwan. There are few mini-z club throughout the country. Almost all the track are carpet based and the size are bigger than the MMS / CP in Hong Kong but not as large as the RCPHK that you have visited ^^. Here is the FB page of the biggest mini-z club in Taiwan. https://www f******k com/groups/135008411875/.

2014.08.10, 12:19 PM
Nice Job !!

2014.08.10, 12:51 PM
@hahamartin... wow nice to know that you are from hk... how long have you been living in taiwan? are you living in taiwan temporarily or going back to hk?.... a couple of years back i got the chance to travel to taipei and to taichung... i'm not sure if my wife and i got to visit kaohsiung... but we hoped on a train while we were in taichung to visit this place which is close to the port that had lots of foodstalls on the street... don't know for sure if it was kaohsiung... but it sounds pretty familiar...

i just recently got back from h.k. and did two articles
r/c heaven - 2014 (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39857)
rcphk relocates - 07/2014 (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39863)

i was also wondering how many tracks are there in taiwan (where you are located) - or in taipei and taichung... and if there's some sort of kws (r/c area over there similar to kwong wah st)

many thanks

2014.08.11, 08:35 AM
Nice paint job!!!

2014.08.11, 09:57 AM
Herman.. great articles!
I have been living here for around 2 years, unfortunately, havenít any plan back to HK yet! :). Hey, food stall on everywhere all around Taiwan, they look quite similar, especially night markets. So, come visit again to make sure when you have a chance. :) About tracks in TW, as I know, at least 2 tracks found in Taipei, 2 in Taichung and 1 in Kaohsiung. Every track has their own shop, they provide not only options parts, car tuning and custom paint service can be found there too. KWS is quite interesting, on the other hand, someone told me that there was an RC arcade in Taipei but not sure about that, will tell you later when I got the information.

2014.08.11, 10:46 AM
wow another nice body...these are real nice bro

2014.08.13, 04:02 AM
hahamartin... yeah i guess you're right... i looked at the pictures we took while we were at taichung and we actually went to keelung... hahaha... thanks for the info... nice to hear that there a couple of tracks there if in case i do go back... it would be nice to see if there is an rc arcade there... wonder if it'll be anything like h.k.

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