View Full Version : Duratrax 750mah aaa batteries

2014.08.12, 09:39 AM
I'm wondering has anyone used these batteries? Some local guys have these batteries and like them but my experience with batteries rated at 750mah has not been good. Plus they say duratrax on them. Though I bought eight sets Saturday at the race to try so I'm going to find out the hard way, but they were $6 a set so I figured I get what I paid for. And duratrax has been selling them for years so they're not something new. But I will still like to hear opinions and what experience anyone has had with these batteries.

2014.08.12, 10:31 AM
I've seen them used but that was a long time ago... I never heard any complaints.

I bought two sets of these a long while back and they are still reliable cells for me:


The Gens Ace cells are a little dicey but the ones that charged normal for me worked well for a long while (2 yrs). I've just handed them off to one of my newbies and they still work fine off him too.


Dirt cheap!

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2014.08.12, 10:59 AM
I had a couple sets and used them for a good couple years until suddenly they had too much resistance and came up with an "over voltage" reading trying to charge them on my Maha.

They worked fine for mod heats...pleasent initial punch and consistent discharge without being too hard to handle punch wise.

2014.08.12, 11:18 AM
I know Dwight and some of the guys at Remnant were running them. I picked up a few sets. Not a bad price and considering we run 8-10 min. Heats they should be fine.

2014.08.13, 06:33 AM
They are great. But you have to match them. Also you will get some bad ones when they are new. Now if you run stock or 70 turn they are great. Just don't charge them over 1 amp.