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2014.08.12, 02:35 PM
I'm curious. Has anyone ran on foam tiles? How is it in relation to RCP tiles? is it just slightly more slick, making your car more pushy?

2014.08.12, 04:52 PM
Did you ever get the opportunity to run on the slick side of the RCP? In that instance the traction was higher than the rough side. If you are talking about the Harbor freight work mats or the ones available from Sear's It is hard to answer. You would have to factor in the thickness and density of the mats compared to RCP. No matter what it is you should be able to dial it in with a bit of work.

2014.08.13, 06:31 AM
I'm confused on what the reference to the slick side has to do with what you're trying to say. But, in essence you're saying that the foam tiles in general have more traction than RCP, correct?

2014.08.13, 06:46 AM
No. Not saying that. Just stating that the slick side of the RCP has more traction than the rough. So it is possible that the slick side of the commercially available foam tiles "could" have adequate traction dependent on density and thickness(comparable to RCP). I know that the work mat tiles are thinner than RCP tiles but seem to be a bit denser(harder to compress) than RCP tiles. The only way to determine if there is a difference would be to try it.

2014.08.13, 06:53 AM
For now i have a small setup of ~18 tiles i had sitting around from costco. They are thinner than the RCP ~3/8" thick maybe and ones side has a diamond steel sheet pattern on it so i use the underside which is smooth. The foam isn't perfect and there are some air bubbles. Overall the traction is good as long as i sweep it and keep it clean. It's too small for top speed but a PN 50T geared 53/8 can whip around without spinning out. I'm running Kyosho 30 fronts and 20 rears. My sons car has a 70T with PN 15's in front and kyosho 20's in the rear and it understeers...

2014.08.13, 09:12 AM
thanks. i was thinking about getting some and just using some tape to make a little layout in my spare bedroom. seems alot cheaper than picking up some RCP

2014.08.13, 03:38 PM
There is a shop in Myrtle Beach that should have a mountain of RCP that it isn't using. Maybe you could borrow some.

2014.08.13, 03:51 PM
i'd rather have my own stuff than have to transport it to my place and take it back. he already helps enough, i hate overusing any source

2014.08.13, 05:02 PM


10 years ago!

2014.08.13, 05:35 PM
I find that if you sand the surface of the tiles with a coarse sandpaper the traction is ok but the difference between it and rcp is pretty big. RCP just feels softer and more pliable which is why it probably has more grip. Also the cost of the rcp isn't that much more plus when you factor in that it has borders and very little assembly I think the RCP is a good option but the best way would probably be to get a small roll of low pile carpet. You get great traction and it is takes up less space than tiles since it can be rolled only down side is you would have to make your own borders but with some thin pvc and velcro it shoudn't be too hard.

2014.08.14, 07:30 AM
ok. thanks for the info fellas