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2014.08.15, 09:22 PM
I have a huge collection of beaters just waiting to turn into something cool. I keep staring at them for months but couldn't bring myself to work on them. Decided to buy a case of tamiya quick-type putty and slowly work on some. I can't commit to one project, so this will be my progress log.

Let's start this post with the prettiest to the nastiest.

First, the KPGC-110. I got tired of looking at it and needed something wild. So bosozoku rear flares to start. Will probably shave off the lights and make something non-functional. I have this pet peeve of expecting clear, functioning lights on these but I think I'm gonna have to make them "later".

Next is the R33, and for love of all things sedan I decided to cut this in half and extend it to a 98mm wheelbase. R32+34 front bumper hack looks sweet already, and Enzo wheels are the perfect match.

The ER32 had gaps I've neglected on filling for months/year? So I did that and shaped them slightly. Hacking bodies is 1/4th the battle, blending and filling is half.

R34 sedan ver.2, haven't touched it but showing it is a nice little incentive to work on it. URAS front bumper also needs lots of work.

And with the R30 silhouette, cut it up to make a sedan. Planning on making a wide-body/blistered fenders for it. Half of me hates me for cutting the silhouette up, the other makes me excited to use the parts on the soarer z10. Also, bondo... probably going to start fresh with this.

For some who have tried to communicate with me, design school's been a huge takeaway of my time, and i just recently sacrificed my part-time to focus on jumpstarting a portfolio again. These bodies never leave my sight so I may as well start integrating some of it in there again.

Feedback/critique encouraged! Helps me think more!

2014.08.16, 10:16 AM
looks cool~. excited and looking forward to seeing the final results.

2014.08.18, 03:10 AM
Pretty cool... Would like to see them finished...

2014.08.18, 09:10 PM
I know this is a slow process but I'm looking forward to the progress.