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2014.08.17, 04:45 PM
Hey all,

Anyone interested in other scales of RC? I got myself a 1/5th scale Baja last year and I've been planning to convert it to some serious High Voltage Electric power....

Want me to do a build thread or am i wasting my efforts?:D

2014.08.17, 09:06 PM
always interested in seeing something new. i don't know anything about the kit myself but will subscribe to the build. :)

2014.08.19, 07:09 PM
mleemor and I had a brief pm chat and i kind of agree with him that this site focus on the micro and mini scale and i probably wouldnt find enough interest in following a build of a giant RC.

Case in point is that you're the only poster here arch after 5 or so days of leaving it at the top of "off topic" sub forum.

I'll likely post a few teaser pics but doing a full build thread (describing the minutae) might not really hit home with the crowd here.

quick teaser #1; The brushless motor is 780KV and is meant to be run on 29.6 volts. Here it is in comparison to a 1/10th scale motor and size wise for those who don't know 1/10th the green BL in the pic is about the size of a can of Coke.


2014.08.21, 11:27 AM
it's all right, that is what the off topic is for. i'll keep an eye out for updates :) i sometimes post about recent toy purchases, to which i seldom get a reply but keep going none the less.:rolleyes:

that is a huge motor!

2014.08.31, 08:39 PM
Teaser....the guts are out!


as a scale/size comparison....the roller is sitting on a 4 foot table.:eek:

Going to do some work on the diff (thicker fluid) before installing the Mamba system.:D

2014.09.01, 08:55 AM
that is enormous! you could strap a helmet on a small child and rip them around the yard on that :eek:

2014.09.01, 09:26 AM
One of the first things you will want to do is to dismount the tires(especially the rears) and belt them internally to control rapid expansion on acceleration or as we call it R.E.D. (rapid energetic disassembly). The process will make re mounting the tires a "blue balled b1tch" but will save you a considerable sum on tire replacement. Or. Don't bother. You will get to see first hand what it looks like when an F-1 car suffers a "puncture" as they call it.

Take a roll of good quality fiberglass reinforced tape and make about three revolutions around the inside circumference of the tire from the center out. Re mount and glue.

2016.07.01, 10:33 AM
So I guess you could call this an update....

I've had the electric aspect of this Monster finished for some time now and I run it occasionally when I have the time.

I went ahead and bought a few upgrades to change the look of the buggy to a True Scale Buggy from the Baja 1000 race and a bit flatter tire pattern for the rear tire.

I also got some cool foam inserts that limit the amount of tire expansion....the power of this E-Baja is pretty immense.

I'll post a photo when it's all said and done....just to give you an example of a different scale of rwd rc.

2016.07.03, 10:10 AM

Made some progress.

I'll tell you honestly I prefer working on mini z chassis....bolting on this Monster of a cage really worked my wrists hard.

Still have the Lexan panels to paint and mount and I'll have to plan which spaces get left open so I can perform battery swaps without having to remove cage pieces. (After all the drama I certainly don't want to put myself through that over and over:rolleyes:)

2016.07.04, 05:19 AM
Cool... Any videos?
Also can you post a spec sheet on what kind of electronics you used? What kind of batteries did you use and what are runtimes like before it runs out of juice?

2016.07.09, 11:14 AM
Im not much of a video guy, herman....i don't think I could find a venue worthy of it's performance then make the driving look professional. When it comes to 1/5 scale there are very few opportunities to make your truck look/drive as pro as the guys who focus on the larger scales.

(I'm essentially saying my videos would be boring as paint drying):D

For now the power system I'm running is the Castle Creations XL2/2028 esc and motor combo. The XL2 is a 300amp speedo and the motor is 780kv which at 29.6V (8s LiPo) rotates around 23k rpm. It's enough to get me to a solid 60mph when I have enough room to get to it. I'm using some decent but inexpensive Li-Po from HobbyKing that at 5000mAh give me about 15min runtime....just about the same as a tank of 2stroke but tons quieter. (Imagine runnign a chainsaw full throttle about 5ft away from your ears and thats how loud it used to be)

I'm not sure if i want any more power to a RWD chassis like this but there are esc's that can do upto 15s Li-Po so maybe in the future (highly unlikely but who knows)...:rolleyes:

It might be fun to build a Losi 1/5th 4wd platform with that kind of power.:cool: