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2014.08.25, 09:17 AM
Hi Z-racer from outer sea.

I wanted to share with you a project I realized for my local club in France.

It's a speed camera that fit in the RCP track foam, look at the picture:


To prevent anyone putting the foot on it I applied some stickers on the sensors:

The present picture show how the speed camera fits on a 1m wide track, though it's also suitable for 1.50m track.

Here is a live demonstration!

It works with a DC power supply or with a LiPo 2S battery since there is a lipo saver inside.

You have another video but I'm afraid it's in french, at least to can see how it works, move forward at 1min to see the boot animation.

As far as a car is detected the system keep the speed displayed during 0.5s; meaning if two cars pass through the speed camera very close, the second one is ignored.

Also the system does work in both directions. The direction is decided just after the system boots-up by the first car that is detected.

If a car make an unexpected u-turn or moving backward, the speed will be 0 and the system will operate normally.

Hope you enjoyed this presentation :-)

2014.08.25, 10:11 AM
Hi, you stole my idea !!

Just joking :-)
I was thinking about doing this for a couple of months now, but haven't gotten around to it yet.
Can you share in more detail what hardware you are using? Mainly the sensors you have. I have been looking around in online shops for something cheap to use, but haven't found anything usefull yet. I was planningon using a PIC for the brains. What are you using?

I love the led display, looks very very nice an alot better then the small LCD I wanted to use.

Nice work!

Extra question. Did you consider the fact that 2 cars could pass the first point before the first car passed the second point?

2014.08.25, 08:22 PM
Very cool!

How much? Where is the link or shop to purchase? Pretty sure you could easily move around 50 of these in a short amount of time.

2014.08.26, 03:07 AM
@imxlr8ed: My product is not distributed in any shop; It's something I develop and build in my own lab, to be honest I don't intend to do some profitable business with it. On the other hand, if a club is willing to own one copy I'd be keen to provide them. I just ask to pay for the components and striving to compensate the time I spend on building it which is 100% manual I'm afraid. So about the price I prefer to reply by private message.
The package include the electronic kit ready to be integrated on the RCP track; I provide a complete installation guide with picture and detailed instructions to explain how to place the sensors in the foam and also a user manual.

@LED: I see you're curious about the technology I used. Let me share some open details about what's inside. I used a PIC :D the sensors are made of simple but very good quality infrared LED and photo-transistor. I burst the output to increase the forward current. The lipo saver is made with separate electronic that is calibrated to guarantee a clean cut-off at 3v by cell.

2014.08.26, 08:12 AM
@LED: "Did you consider the fact that 2 cars could pass the first point before the first car passed the second point?"

=> I'm not that sure to understand what you mean :confused:. Gona struggle to answer it anyway. If one car overtake another one when driving through the sensors, the speed camera will give craps, like any genuine speed camera :p. That said, to prevent the speed from being craps, there are internal intelligence to filter the sensors response and only display relevant speed.
So the top speed is 31 mph because anything above would be unrealistic, ain't it?
Do hope it answer your question well.

I see that you are from Belgium? :-) We are almost neighbor :cool: What is the most active forum in Belgium nowadays?
Do you post on http://www.miniz-maniax.be/ ?

2014.08.26, 10:49 AM
Wel that is the perfect answer for my question :)
I believe there is no more real belgian forum left.
We have one, but not much action there.


I'm from Antwerp, so I'm dutch speaking.
I'm still in a club to, but dont drive often. I also do not do any more races in the Belgian competition.

2014.09.25, 11:49 PM
Interested in getting one of these. PM sent.