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2014.08.26, 11:02 AM
A friend of mine just bought one and he felt the steering spring is too soft. Is there a way to adjust the spring tension on this radio? If there isn't a way to adjust it, can the spring be replace somehow to a harder one? We tried to disassemble the radio but could not proceed to the front part of the board where the steering assembly is, we took all the visible screws out but some how there seems something is holding the board. Are we missing anything? Anyone who has experience disassembling this radio please chime in.

2014.08.26, 11:48 AM
It is a pretty simple unit to work with. There is no spring. It is a rubber band so once you get in there you can check the size and make whatever adjustments you want.

I don't completely remember the process but I know it is accessible. I had one apart to repair the steering stop after a user ham fisted the wheel against the steering stop one too many times. If memory serves you have to have the wheel off the unit so everything will slide out the back after splitting the case. I do remember that it was only about a 10 minute operation.

2014.08.26, 12:30 PM
Ok its a rubber band, i thought its a spring like any other radio.....When you say slide out do you push from the steering 'D' shaft inward or do you just pull the board from the inside (after taking off the board screws ofcourse).

2014.08.26, 03:27 PM
Ouch, a rubber band? That is a pretty lame design.

2014.08.26, 04:11 PM
Pretty sure mine was a spring when I cracked it open. I wanted a tighter wheel. I just popped another spring I had lying around in there. It's a little too tight now... I may just try a rubber band though.

2014.08.26, 04:25 PM
Seems like either the EX-5 or the KT-18 uses a rubber band. Either way the radio guts need to slide back out of the front half of the case after all of the attachment points have been loosened. Once done everything is accessible.

2014.08.27, 03:51 AM
rubber band???? :eek::confused::eek::confused:
how low will they go? i think that's taking the "rubber band fix" a bit too far... lol

2014.08.27, 11:17 AM
The wheel tensions on both of those radios and even the KT19 can be made much better with the right kind of modding. Growing up with the Zs had led me to almost expect a bouncy steering wheel, it's just the way almost all RTR controllers are. I can understand on those but not on the EX5s.

My biggest grip right now it the design of the KT19s... those trim knobs are so close to the steering wheel that they make half of the wheel grip surface un-usable! Unless you don't mind bumping your trims every time you take a corner.

2014.08.27, 12:11 PM
Apparently it is not an easy job to access the steering system....my friend had to desolder the middle 3 prongs so that the board can be remove.

2014.08.27, 12:43 PM
I do not recall having to de-solder anything... I do vaguely recall a bit of a trick to get the steering exposed though.

My only issue was getting the buttons by the screen to line back up when it was re-assembled.

2014.08.27, 04:28 PM
I did not have to de solder anything for access. The whole repair was less than 30 minutes.

Aiden M
2017.09.03, 07:06 PM
I am currently in the process of replacing my ex5ur steering spring and was wondering if these springs from Futaba would work? They are a little short and I noticed the stock spring in the ex5ur is a little long...