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2014.09.16, 06:54 PM
name: derek
contact: via pm
thread: FS-MR03

I've made the decision to thin the fleet and I've chosen my PN laden MR03 to go the chopping block.:D

MR03 chassis with the following upgrades:
PN A-arm (included will be all the gen1 spring set)
PN top shock
PN 94/98 damper w side shock mount (included will be all top shock/side shock springs)
PN V3(?) 94/98mm motor pod
PN 64 pitch diff w ceramic balls(not shown but will be mounted on chassis before sale)

You can choose a motor based on your preference...available are a PN 70T or an Atomic 48 turn round can.

The bodies included are a custom one of a kind GTR (HIS Advan 2010 better photos here
http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39056&page=3 ) and a GTr with a lexan window replacement.

$125 usd+split shipping (no transponder)
$145 usd+split shipping (with transponder)


thanks for looking.;)

2014.09.17, 07:36 PM
item has been sold...thanks for everyone's interest.