View Full Version : PN racing spektrum board connector

2014.09.17, 05:24 AM

I am looking for the name/id of the 3 pin connector needed to connect the 3'd channel on the spektrum board by PNracing.

2014.09.17, 02:19 PM
It is a micro JST-ZH 3 pin connector (1.5mm pin spacing).

I bought a bunch off of ebay.

They are also used as connectors for some micro servos. I know that Spektrum makes a servo extension with this plug, look for "Spektrum JST Extension Ultra Lightweight Extension"

2014.09.22, 05:22 AM
Many thanks!

2014.10.13, 02:01 AM
OK, got the connectors and tried to connect a servo at the 3'rd channel on the PNboard..

at connecting the connector the board shut off and can not be started again??

I must have fried it?

Anyone knows if it is possible to run a servo out of the 3-pin connector? what is the pinout?

2015.02.10, 07:12 AM
You mean you connected something with 3 positions to something else with 3 positions and it didn't just magically work? :rolleyes: