View Full Version : Atomic Mini-Z Rear Individual Suspension System (R.I.S.) for MR-02/MR-03 Selective D

2014.09.20, 12:07 PM
Atomic Mini-Z Rear Individual Suspension System (R.I.S.) for MR-02/MR-03 Selective DPS Set.

what does this offer combined with a center rear damper? could you not skip the rear damper?

2014.09.21, 09:41 PM
Looks like it'll function like a tri damper to control motor pod tilt.

2015.02.12, 07:58 AM
Just picked this part up from tiny and installed it last night. The install was pretty straight forward and the fit and finish was great on everything except the new S.C.S. arm that comes included. It was too thick to fit the motor mount and had to be filed down. From my memory I don't see this fitting anything other then a 98mm design but this is from memory as it is not in front of me.

Now as for what it did for me. It helped reduce some rear wheel chatter and hop. It does sort of function like a tri-damper set up. The install does require ca glue and thread locker. The install was very easy to do and it will only fit the AR-287 motor pod. This part allows for that small tweak and adjustment that you may need when trying to figure out what t-plate you may need. so if a 4.5 is too soft for you and a 5 is too firm for the track you are on this will help you adjust the 4.5 t-plate to the exact amount of twist and flex that you want. I fell as if it will definitely reduce wear and tear on the t-plate as well. I will post pics of the install guide and the car once i get home.

2015.02.13, 08:10 AM
As promised here are the instructions, this should help give a better understanding of how it is assembled and how it operates.

My continued experience- Well after some tuining and testing yesterday. I am verry happy to say i really like this part and what it brings to the fine tuining aspect of the car. It also allowed me to tune the tweak out of my car that caused it to go right everytime the throttle was hammered with out the use of shims.

2015.02.13, 09:46 AM
Can the spring be adjusted for pre load?

2015.02.13, 10:01 AM
Can the spring be adjusted for pre load?

Yes using the two screws labeled as #6 in the instruction photo I attached you can adjust the preload/tension of the spring.

Tonight I will try to experiment with different springs and provide feedback. There are not additional springs available for it, but I beleive some others that I have may fit. I will let everyone know what i discover.

2015.04.07, 07:15 AM
Found a negative to this option part. Due to the way the motor mount has the motor laying flat has caused some grief. I switched from a kyosho x speed motor to a PN 70t and noticed that the PN motor is slightly larger, so what this caused was the motor was now hitting the RIS system and preventing full articulation of the rear motor pod. Had to remove the piece. This definitely could have been better thought out. Very disappointed with some of my Atomic products lately.