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2014.09.23, 08:25 PM
What is the best way to use zround to keep a points series? I've never needed to bother with the points aspect but really looking to begin using zround to track points for our club classes. Just don't know where to start with the points menu options.

2014.09.24, 12:57 PM
Nike used it for our point series and it worked great.

2014.09.24, 02:26 PM
need to know how to configure the points settings to do this. i typically just ignore the points menu.

2014.09.28, 11:20 AM
The championship window includes a "classification" page where it is sorted the championship ranking based on the points earned on every race. You can exclude the n-worst races in order to compute the ranking. The points awarding schema is defined into the "Points" configuration page and extra points for pole position and best lap can be defined as well.

It can be used any of the schemas availables by default or build your own with the "points" option into the Tools menu.

When the race is finished, you can see the points earned by the racers on the final results view.

You can see here an example of the default html output generated by the championship manager: MadriZ Social championship 2013/14 (http://madriz.zround.com/MiniZ%20Racer/Social%202014%20-%20Fase%202/)