View Full Version : 18MPH or so...

2014.09.28, 07:09 PM

MB-010 out of the box with stock 15t Pinion and Atomi T2 motor.

I plan to give it a FET upgrade and run a set of race batteries next time.

2014.09.28, 07:26 PM
sounds very smooth :cool:

2014.09.28, 08:33 PM
I noticed it had bearings in the hubs already.
It's fairly easy to drive at speed. It could use some stickier rear tires.

2014.09.30, 12:24 PM
Definitely moving right along. Nice!

2014.09.30, 08:22 PM
Nice, looks good. :)

2014.10.01, 05:23 AM
Ordered some FETs last night. Hopefully I'll have them for the weekend. I think the only other upgrade would be to wire in a couple more batteries.

2014.10.01, 06:13 AM
LiFe cells and a brushless motor would be perfect for the buggy in an ideal world where kyosho got it right the first time but alas, looks like it may be last product line to get the upgrade. well, a battle between F1 and buggy for last to the list. LiFe will give a very nice voltage gain if you have the patience and gear to deal with those cells. i tried but in the end, it was more work and gear than i want to incorporate into my routine. :rolleyes:

which FETs are you going to use?