View Full Version : WTB some 50 cm RCP track pieces! Please!

2014.10.01, 08:50 PM
Hi folks,

I'm just getting back into the hobby after about 5 years off. I've set up what 50 cm track pieces I have and I'm afraid it's just not a very interesting track.

I was initially thinking about just trashing the 50 cm track and picking up a Mini 96 because space is limited (garage). However, after a bit of thought, I've decided what I really need are just a few extra pieces. What I need are:

- 10 straight pieces with rails and pins (if one of these could be a start\finish piece, that would be ideal, but not necessary)

- 2 curves with rails and pins

- 2 of the little red 45 degree rail pieces used to connect curved rails with straight rails.

Do you have too much RCP laying around? Want to sell me some? I live in the SF bay area and could pick up, or if shipping, you could probably fit this stuff in a 21 x 21 x 10" box?

Please people, help a brother out! PM me here, or email me at starwangle(at)hotmail.com. Thanks!


2014.10.14, 06:49 PM
OK, belay this one - I just gave in and went ahead and ordered a wide oval. Thanks all!