View Full Version : going to italy oct8-17 / amsterdam oct17-22 looking for any mini-z info...

2014.10.02, 10:44 PM

as stated in the title i'm off to italy on the following dates oct8-17
and to amsterdam oct17-22... wish i posted this a bit earlier... :o

looking for any mini-z info (i.e. shop / track info)... sched is pretty hectic... and will be traveling with my wife and daughter... so don't know if i'll be able to see anything mini-z related, but any info would be good to know... just in case... :D

our last stop will be h.k. oct 23-25 and that will be short as well, but i do hope to drop by the shops over there... :D

been busy the past month so very little posting activity for me...

2014.10.03, 07:14 AM
I have a some information about italy for you. it really depends on where you are going to be and what you have for transportation.

I've spend 4 weeks in Rome for work but haven't been able to make anything work out as the locations were to far from me.

I've talked via email with Davidino from www.minizracing.it you can contact him at info@minizracing.it

here is some additional information that he gave me.

the club Minizracing and track are in Milan.

unfortunately to Rome there is no location to race with Miniz car.
The nearest Miniz club is located to Latina city it is 100 km far from Rome.
It takes one hour by car to get the place.
Let me know if you decide to go to Latina Miniz club and I will give you the address.
Or there are other 4 Miniz clubs but to Naples 200 km distance.

hope that helps Herman and have a great time.

2014.10.03, 01:33 PM
Thanks and appreciate the info and well wishes... itenerary is Rome Florence and Venice, unfortunately no Milan... Then to Amsterdam then a couple of days in HK... Sounds hectic, I feel tired just thinking about it... lol... :D

2014.10.05, 11:37 AM
Hi Herman!

I'm from Belgium, but came to a small city nearby Amsterdam a few month ago. I also took my Z with me because of this:


They are more leaning toward the 1/12 scale with a carpet track, but they have a little RCP track above together with a Losi track for rally/SC/buggy.

It cost 10 a day. And the owner of the place is also the owner of a webshop so there are also some goodies available. I went there and did a few pack. Sadly, I was the only Z guy this day, but the guys were friendly and I had limited time so this was perfect for me.

Enjoy your trip!

2014.10.08, 09:46 AM
thanks pierro for the additional info... :D