View Full Version : buggy assembly kit

2014.10.08, 06:49 AM
Hi i just finnished builing my mini-z buggy lazer assembly kit.
I did it like it said in the instruktion.
Then i paired it with a new kt-18. The steering works perfect but no movement on throtle and reverse. It only makes the buzzing sound when i puch throtle but nothing more.
I have tryed another kt-18 with same result. i try to adjust the kontroller for maximum throtle and reverse but still nothing happens.

anyone that know what may be wrong?

El Tigre
2014.10.08, 10:36 PM
I have this issue before with new motors and new chassis as well. I discovered that taking an erasure or even a very fine emery cloth and scrubbing the motor terminals lightly to remove any oxidation or tarnish off the copper terminals as well as where the motor wires connect to the ESC. This will get that motor turning. These terminals need to be clean in order for them to make a continuous connection. This is one of those issues that are a simple fix for a big headache. Before you do any work around the RX/ESC you should remove the batteries too, just to be safe.

El Tigre
2014.10.14, 08:23 AM
Did you get it working, I'm just curious?😉