View Full Version : Racing in New England?

2014.10.09, 11:47 AM
Anyone racing Mini Z in or around Massachusetts? It seems as though the couple of little tracks have closed. I get to race occasionally with friends on a table-top carpeted oval course in RI. Looking to find an on-road course to try.
unclearty@yahoo com

2014.10.12, 07:55 PM
I live 15 mins north of Boston.
I love to race but reality I dont have the time.
So many miniz so little time.

El Tigre
2014.10.14, 08:20 AM
Looks like you gotta get something set up. Have the racers come to you.

2014.10.16, 09:19 AM
I live in springfield, VT...my son and i have a few, but we dont know of any places to race around these parts. I dont think RC Madness in Enfield, CT even does mini-z, i know they do 1/10 indoor and outdoor, but havent seen anything to do with mini-z's