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2014.10.15, 07:03 AM

2014.10.15, 08:42 AM
An Elvis vid?

2014.10.15, 08:45 AM
Memories, bro. I hadn't posted in this forum since 2009. Our track space is gone, AB and DM have been out of town for school for years now. I miss racing.

2014.10.15, 10:51 AM
Fairfax too far for you? Ewww... 3 hours, well... at least the roads are better down there then they are up here in Peeay.

Sucks to have an addiction that is really only fun when you do it with others.

2014.10.15, 05:18 PM
Are we seeing a post from a ghost? Good to see you are still alive Nate. I will be at Remnant, Fairfax and Peeay next week just having fun and visitibg with old friends. Would be cool if you could sneak up.

Since that long ago evening at Cap'n Chuck-a-Muck's my triple "D" count is approaching 110 and there are two more just minutes from the Fairfax shop.

2014.10.16, 06:58 AM
Hey bud! That's a lot of DDD! I've made a point to stop by Doumar's more often this year since Albert Doumar passed away this spring. The community's reaction was touching. Flowers all over the place, inside and out.

I won't be able to sneak anywhere. Got married last year and three months ago we had a baby boy. I feel guilty leaving her alone with him to go play. Plus we've gone from quite comfortable to canceling Netflix. Day care for an infant is expensive as hell. If I had someone to carpool with I might could pull it off. Though I don't even remember the last time I put car to track :( It might have been Myrtle Beach, or close to it.

2014.10.16, 03:40 PM
Congrats I think but you really need to let them know when you marry them that when you are poking fun at them they should not take you serious. That's how the little crumb grabbers happen. Talked to and raced with Brandon a couple of years ago when he drove with us at an Enduro at Mimi's but nothing since. haven't seen or heard of or from the budding Chef since that night at I think it was your place in Norfolk. Lots of water under the bridge since then.

2014.10.16, 06:49 PM
i dont even recall the last time i was in norfolk or nekocon :o are you guys all still active in neko?

2014.10.16, 07:26 PM
I can still bring up the mental picture of Darth Vader a Wookie and a banana standing side by side driving mini-Z's.

2014.10.17, 06:54 AM
Brandon and Maya are doing great and closing in on finishing their doctorates for physical therapy. Mike finally doesn't work in a kitchen anymore. Unfortunately he's been jerked around by the chaplain corp, but he's starting a new career in HVAC that he seems to be doing well in.

The con... a lot has happened. I was the chairman for 2012. Demoted myself to regular staffer for 2013, and quit outright in 2014. Lots of drama I won't be party to. I'm a lot happier for it, and I actually have time for my family.

I can't thank you guys enough for all the work you did to put together our short lived MiniZ event there. Lots of people had fun with it.

2014.10.17, 08:15 AM
It is the same with most endeavors. Many are willing to reap the rewards or cast aspersions but few are willing to put forth the effort to plant and nurture the crop to fruition.

2014.10.17, 02:07 PM
When I heard the coconuts and turned to see "The King and his minion", that's when I lost it and realized what cosplay really meant.

2014.10.17, 06:33 PM
Glad to hear Brandon is doing good. He did some excellent fett jobs for me. :)

2014.10.20, 09:28 AM
Since the MR03 has been out for a while now, are there any rumors of a new model soon?

2014.10.20, 11:22 AM
There is the entry level "Sport" series. After market is carrying the ball on development. Check out X-Power's MRX and the Atomic AMZ. X-Power is rumored to be building an AWD platform and AMZ is looking at building a RWD.

I haven't had my hands on an AMZ but the MRX is the transitional piece for the larger scale guys that think we play with toys. It is pretty slick and just right for the speed freaks.