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2014.10.17, 11:38 AM
what are the differences in the 2 im going to be buying a couple but they will be upgraded heavily for performance my main question is the 2.4ghz mr02 is cheaper by about 40 bucks vs the 2.4 ghz mr03 if i upgrade either one the mr02 will be cheaper by 40 bucks i assume unless there are major differences i might as well save the money. i do know the mr02 is a older chassis but they seem to use alot of the same parts pls let me know ur opinions and the differences

2014.10.17, 01:00 PM
Both are RWD chassis.

The MR03 is narrower which for some drivers makes for a better steering feel/adjustment.

The MR03 asf board had a bit of a tweak to it to adjust the reverse delay...if you're buying an upgraded MR02 make sure the asf board is at least badged RA-22 or higher. RA-18 boards are fine but the reverse delay bothered some.

I like them both and you can be competitive with both but in the long run some would prefer the newer chassis (esp with VE/brushless boards)

2014.10.17, 01:15 PM
ty for the info is the front and rear suspension any different? i prob will stay brushed do to club rules though

2014.10.17, 05:57 PM
rear suspension is the same for both RWD chassis...a T-plate controls pivot and various designs (tri shock or damper plate etc) control damping motion

the front suspension is essentially the difference between 02 and 03

stock 02 front: Kingpin design where a knuckle travels on a static path.

stock 03 front: kingpin and pivoting top arm travels on an increasing cambered pathway.

You can buy front end designs for 02 that mimic the 03 front end.

In the end they both perform well but for "out of the box front feel" I'd (personal choice) use the MR03.

2014.10.18, 06:14 AM
ty for the info is the front and rear suspension any different? i prob will stay brushed do to club rules though

The front suspension of the 03 allows changes for wide and narrow front ends. The front suspension is also lower allowing kyosho to make bodies like the porsche 962 and lotus Elise. The mr-02 stock front sits too high and the bodies I mentioned won't fit.

PN makes an A-arm kit for the 02 front suspension that is smooth but is wide only iirc. It's an excellent upgrade but work it.

Cowboy covered it all for the most part.