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2014.10.18, 07:26 PM
before i put this body on the track i would like to know how rare it is so i dont destroy a possible rare find i bought this kit on ebay its a mercedes c9 no.61 autoscale its almost all black with white lettering and has kouros, yves saint laurent lettering in white on it should i buy a second body as a beater body and keep this one in the box? ty for your help


2014.10.19, 10:32 AM
Is this body new ??
This is my personal viewpoint so take it for it's worth. Autoscales are a crapshoot as far as future worth. At today's prices I'm more inclined to buy a white body and paint it myself in a reasonable race scheme rather than do damage to my autoscales. For me half the fun of Mini-Z's is that I can collect something so well done and presentable.
That being said...in a perfect world I'd be able to buy duplicates of the cars I really would like to race so I could race 1 body and display the other. My problem is that I love to race a bunch of different cars ! :D (Like most Z racers I'm sure)

2014.10.19, 12:00 PM
What is the part number for the body you are referring to? MZN- what? I have been told by Kyosho USA that the white bodies would no longer be available but the ASC's would continue.

2014.10.19, 01:32 PM
I think he is talking about the Sauber LM car.


2014.10.19, 08:08 PM
thats the one should i use it or keep it and buy a beater body?

2014.10.20, 05:35 AM
That is totally up to you. You will be able to see it but remember that the dark color will make it difficult for everybody else to see.