View Full Version : 03 S receiver in a F1?

2014.10.18, 09:07 PM
Can someone tell me if i could put a 03s board in a f1 car? I would like to get a f1 but as i have 2 s cars and am banking on getting a new s radio when it comes out i dont want to get a f1 if i'm going to have to buy a radio just for it.

2014.10.19, 03:09 AM
I do remember somebody putting a asf / mr03 board on a f1 before kyosho came out with the asf f1 (I eventually got one)... if I'm not mistaken, the sport boards are quite similar so I suppose it should fit (no sense in making a different chassis or board that wouldn't be compatible)... Just not sure though, hope somebody can confirm this...

2014.10.19, 08:17 AM
It can be done quite easily. You need to swap the servo leads orange and green around on the board (to compensate for the difference in servo gears) and you need a different servo motor (it's like the mr02).

Even after all that you need to have a radio to adjust steering throw endpoints. The mr03 has 4 gears in the servo so it needs less motor travel to get the same steering g throw as an F1. The radio steering percentages will need to be increased.

2014.10.19, 08:25 AM
So if the new radio their comming out with has these adjustments id be good with a servo and s board? That would be nice! Thanks guys! Now i just have to see the new radio!!And hope its not too pricy!

2014.10.19, 08:20 PM
I believe the sport board only has half the fets a regular mr03 board has. I'd want to add additional fets added before using it with an F1 as the F1 cars are quite a bit heavier. You also have to hope the Sport radio system lets you add enough travel to have proper steering throw.

2014.10.20, 08:32 AM
I saw on kenons site that a pn 70 turn stock motor would not work in a s chassie is it because of the fets or because of its mounting? I need to learn more about fets, not real good on the electronics!:(:(

2014.10.20, 11:23 AM
70 turn would be fine. Typically anything more than a 50 turn you want upgraded fets. If you are willing to spend money on a standard 03 board and get an actual useable remote then you won't have to worry about the fets and can run any motor you want.