View Full Version : I wish I knew beforehand that Mr-02 can't run AWD bodies

2014.10.24, 09:43 AM
I'm posting this question so my answer in a PM can be shared publicly :)

In short, the only thing that makes an AWD body an AWD body is the wheels it comes with (keyed for AWD shafts instead of bearings). You can mount an AWD body on an mr-03 narrow or mr-015 chassis because they are narrow. Most AWD won't fit the mr-02 due to being too narrow but that is the ONLY reason. So for example, the Audi r8 is an AWD body but people race it ALL the time in 2wd just by swapping the wheels.

2014.10.24, 09:54 AM
As a followup, the 94mm AWD bodies pretty much fit this description. The 98mm as wheel (what else beside R8?).

90mm could begin to be a challenge due to the motor pod.

2014.10.24, 12:58 PM
With the advent of the MA020, this distinction pretty much goes away as it has narrow and wide settings for front and rear just like the MR03...


2014.10.25, 09:13 AM
Get yourself a narrow front end conversion for your MR-02 and you can run whatever you want. I'm currently running the Toyota Celica GT-4 which is an AWD body and very narrow.

These are two MR-02s running AWD 90mm bodies.