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2014.11.05, 11:41 AM
Yet another astonishing, custom crafted mini-z product that can be found on Shapeways! very interesting to say the least and worthy of sharing with everyone, even if to provoke conversation. if you haven't already, i highly recommend searching shapeways from time to time just to see the stuff people care developing. there is some cool stuff going on out there. who knows, maybe each of us can print on demand manufacturer parts in the future making discontinuation of parts a thing of the past.

today's spotlight
Mini-Z Motor Break-In Stand Single V2
From AMAEngineering

About this Product

Motor Break-In stand for mini-z and small dc motors.

Use with Break-In Fan Std (http://www.shapeways.com/model/2545289/mini-z-motor-break-in-fan-std.html?li=shortUrl) or Break-In Fan High Load (http://www.shapeways.com/model/2545309/mini-z-motor-break-in-fan-high-load.html?li=shortUrl).

Easy to use. Due to tolerances on the clamps and different motor can sizes if a tighter fit is desired a strip of electrical tape in the clamps will do the trick!

Stand was designed to be fully functional yet minimal in size for easy storage. For additional support use the stand on a rubber pad or towel. Another option for those seeking a nice weighted base would be to permanently mount the stand to a larger heavier base.

Image courtesy of Shapeways digital preview.

2014.11.05, 11:50 AM
Both version 1 and 2 looks awesome.

But for breaking in DC motors, I think you should really use a master/slave setup, to not get any arching.
So 2 pcs of v1 together as one and without break-in fan, and instead use 2 equal pinions, one on each motor and a spur on ball bearings in between would be my setup.
Then use a old motor to drive it all and just 1,5-3V supply.
Been wanting that setup for a while now....

2014.11.05, 04:28 PM
Been wanting that setup for a while now....

Something like this ;)
http://www kenonhobby com/PN-Racing-Motor-Break-In-Kit_p_43101.html

2014.11.05, 05:45 PM
that one is huge.
motors are not beside each other.
Take up to much space with all the other gear i got

2014.11.05, 05:47 PM
PN makes a slave motor break in stand. it's very pricey though.

PN Racing Motor Break In Kit
Part Number 10MB10

2014.11.05, 07:07 PM
like I said, I don't like the PN version.

But the version 1, just lower and make it double with a spur gear in between.
That would be nice.

So that I don't have to consider which way the motor should be broken in. Since it the same as the master motor.
2 equal pinions and a spur with 64pitch.
As compact as it can be, so transport won't be a problem.

Just my 2 cents. No big deal.

2014.11.06, 02:20 AM
I would go for an inline configuration anytime over a parallel configuration. Well, actually I went already... 2mm hinges and M3 screws to tighten up the motors into a common rail. Motors will be coupled directly together with a brass rigid coupler.
This is the setup, how 1/10th scale RC dynamometers were build back in the days.

uploaded it to order a test version

2014.11.06, 07:05 AM
Wow some good responses! Thanks guys I will work on adding a side by side model.

So far in testing the single with a fan works really well but the dual setup (just checked and realized I never posted the "dual" setup because I was working out bugs) is not as optimal as I would like.

I will update the version I have as well as add a side by side offering.

How is pricing? I wanted to make sure it was a more affordable option vs the PN option which is why the base of the units is so minimal. I figured most racers if they wanted it to be more sturdy would simple mount it to a larger board or weight. Using a towel or rubber sheet underneath is enough to keep it from scooting around.

I have a lot of ideas for some cool mini-z upgrades/products but time is a limiting factor as I am in a business startup process at the moment. I will try to have some new break in mounts available by the end of the week.

Thanks for everyones interest and input!

2014.11.06, 07:20 AM
I like the side-by-side configuration due to some motors have timing.
I like to not consider what + and - to provide to the master without thinking, since I get stressed when racing.
Last time I checked I used 3-5 min to break in the brushes on a PN70T. And I would like to do that the "correct" way. The way the motor is designed to make the car run forward.
Much lower seating of the motors and a "spur" gear in between is what I think is the best solution after what I have read about the matter.
But I also know that JesseT knows a lot on these technical issues....

2014.11.23, 03:44 PM
Dual side-by-side stand posted!


Steel Gear

Plastic/Metallic Plastic Gear

Please excuse any typos or mis-information I really wanted to get it up on the site and squeezed it between weekend responsablities... ;)