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2014.11.06, 06:16 AM
Hi guys.
I haven't been around for some years.
But i cleaned out my garage and found my collection of
rc's (mini z) and stuff/hop ups. Mr-01/Mr-03 AWD and the Monsterfor example.

Erything has to be taken apart and put back together again. Beacause of
all the tuning parts, fat stacks and special boards i'm a bit out of it.

My monster is out of control once its a bit away from the transmitter.
It goes full throttle. I think it's some sort of problem with the antenna or
the antenna wire? Also the steering is glitching left to right very fast(i checked the servo saver, but when i remember correctly this was normal)
Does anybody have a clue? I think i will be spending a lot of time here now i
picked up the old addiction again.

Thanx in advance.

Greetz ray

2014.11.06, 01:27 PM
The servo glitching and short range are both very likely related to an issue with your antenna. Have you put new batteries in the transmitter? If yes the next thing to do would be to inspect the actual antenna wire from the board in the car. Make sure the insulation is sound and not full of dry rot cracks etc. Also make sure the vertical antenna is making good contact with the board and its antenna wire.

2014.11.06, 03:44 PM
Thank you fastmax. I will inspect the wiring of the antenna on the board.

2014.11.06, 06:04 PM

Try swapping frequencies, almost all of my AM crystals are shot from years ago.

Make sure your antenna is the correct length too, a snapped metal antenna can cause glitching if it's too short.

Metal aftermartket parts, carbon fiber can cause glitch if the antenna is touching or too near them.

Flourescent lighting, metal structures can cause glitch also.

Wow... AM memories!