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2014.11.07, 07:06 AM
Yet another astonishing, custom crafted product that can be found on Shapeways! very interesting to say the least and worthy of sharing with everyone, even if to provoke conversation. if you haven't already, i highly recommend searching shapeways from time to time just to see the stuff people care developing. there is some cool stuff going on out there. who knows, maybe each of us can print on demand manufacturer parts in the future making discontinuation of parts a thing of the past.

today's spotlight
Rock Crawler
From Richy

About this Product

This all-terrain vehicle is inspired by the rock crawling buggies from Moab, Utah. It has an aggressive looking roll cage attached to a very flexible, and springy suspension. Even though it comes out of the printer in one piece, the off-road wheels are independent and freely roll. Equipped with sway bars with custom ball joints. It's a lot of fun to have and play with!

Video (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn0SAsAd0DpawNx4nxkR9Tg) courtesy of Shapeways/Richy.

while technically not RC, this has some very interesting implications as could feasibly be modified to accommodate cost effective electronics and possible off the shelf components to create RC 2wd or even 4wd rock crawler. even as a rolling toy it looks cool, just to pricey but that's due to the nature of shapeways production and materials. 3D printing at the moment is still costly. you can literally print your own chassis capable of using off the shelf parts these days!
anyway, just thought this was worth opening discussion as i know there are some rock crawling enthusiasts here:p