View Full Version : -=F/S MRCG 1.1 Brand New With A Few Extras=-

2014.11.09, 07:27 PM
Name: Luke
Location: Miami, FL
Contact:PM or Email. Email is faster for me
Description:see below
Price: 100 Shipped

Selling my MRCG that i never finished, I bought it about 4 years ago built it and never did anything with it. Besides the kit itself it will also include the PN knuckles, PN King Head pins, and the Kyosho yellow top shock. The servo included does not work and is only there as a template. There servo is just a dummy servo.
http://i124.photobucket.com/albums/p12/miazfinest187/IMG_4723_zps6aa59627.jpg (http://s124.photobucket.com/user/miazfinest187/media/IMG_4723_zps6aa59627.jpg.html)
http://i124.photobucket.com/albums/p12/miazfinest187/IMG_4724_zpsabd3f613.jpg (http://s124.photobucket.com/user/miazfinest187/media/IMG_4724_zpsabd3f613.jpg.html)