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2014.11.13, 09:05 PM
2014 edition... :D

Happy Birthday once again Arch!!!!!!! :D

Time to add another layer! :D

(2007.11.13, 10:56 AM)
Okay, this is getting to be one of those picture in a picture in a picture things:

(2006.11.13, 12:57 PM)

(2003.11.13, 04:23 PM)

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday Arch2B,
Happy Birthday To You!

Everyone please join us in wishing Arch2B, one of our most helpful and productive members, a Happy Birthday!! :D

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and http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23295 ... ) :D


Happy Birthday again Arch!!! :D

Happy Birthday again to a great friend!!! :D

Happy Birthday once again Arch!!!!!!! :D

Posting a few hours early so that our international friends can join in...Happy Birthday Arch!!! :D

2014.11.13, 09:21 PM
Happy Birthday Ray!!!!!

2014.11.13, 10:19 PM
Nice layering going on... Oh and happy bday

2014.11.14, 06:20 PM
Happy Birthday Ray!

2014.11.15, 11:28 AM
thanks guys. hard to believe i've been here so long...

my wife threw a party at our race day at the hobby shop which was a lot of fun. had sandwiches, candy bar, time to socialize. it was a good time.

2014.11.16, 12:28 PM
Yeah I already said in person but I'll say it here..Happy Birthday! Yeah it was a blast. Reminded me of the early days of the club. Great time and big thanks to your wife for putting it all together.


2014.11.25, 12:19 PM
Better late then never. Happy birthday Ray

2014.12.27, 12:21 AM
Happy maaaaaad-belated!