View Full Version : Need a upgraded remote. What do I get?

2014.11.15, 12:30 AM
I have a Kt18 and would really like a big upgrade from it what remote do I get. Most of my cars are 2.4 asf. I've scene a ex5ur , a ko prop ex1 ver3 and a eurus as well as a ko prob ex-10. What do I get I also don't want mid grade because I don't want to have to upgrade for awhile. I want the settings and tiki tiki button to be able to be used all on the same remote. Thanks

2014.11.15, 06:43 AM
In my somewhat biased opinion Helios or Euros if you are right handed. Futaba 3PKS if you are left handed. All of these are older technology but remain the best radios out there for all things surface RC that includes Mini-Z's. However. Finding a 901SM module(Helios or Euros) or a 902SM module(Euros ) is becoming increasingly difficult. There are offerings from Spectrum that when coupled with electronics from one of the aftermarket providers(for a considerable extra expense if upgrading multiple cars) becomes a viable option as well. If Mini-z's weren't a factor then the door is wide open for a myriad of options.

The biggest issue we(Z racers)face at this point is our niche isn't big enough to generate sufficient attention for a dedicated radio. There is one in the pipeline for the new "Sports" series cars that should help. No time line though. When I last contacted Kyosho of America they were unable to even confirm the existence of the radio let alone an availability date.

2014.11.15, 09:02 AM
Herman said that he was in hong kong and was told there that the new sports radio might be out beginning of the year. I have the kt19 sports radio and don't think they are too hot and am waiting to hear about the new radio hoping it will be good since they seem to have discontinued all the older radio's and receivers.

2014.11.15, 09:04 AM
Kyosho USA often is behind the curve with product development and release information. More often than not I have to send them pictures from Japan for them to even know what I'm talking about.

Which radio you get is also a function of how much you want to invest. The price difference between the 5ur, ex10 and ex1 can be significant. Less so for the 5ur and older Helios radios.
How much are you willing to spend? Will you use it for other things? What features are primary to your needs?

Just don't want you to be one of those people I'm buying a radio for half cost 6 months from now. I love a good deal but don't want people dumping a lot of money into something they may ultimately not need or want. I traded down from a Helios to a 5ur and very happy myself. It has everything I need at the price point I'm willing to commit to. My days of top end radios are long gone.

2014.11.15, 10:07 AM
I really just want it for the miniz only that's all I have about 4 that are asf and I just want a better controller other then the kt18. I wanted to get a tiki tiki chassis but I know kt18 doesn't use that function.

2014.11.15, 11:09 AM
if you know anyone with a 5ur, i would recommend playing with it a bit. the wheel has a lot less tension than other more expensive radio's but it weights less and has nearly all the same features.

do you use tiki-tiki? i don't know any group that uses the feature. i only use it as a point of reference because it's the latest release of ASF board and if your going to buy ASF, might as well keep with the latest incarnation.

i would send you one to test out but i sold my extra and had to buy another for my other son who expressed some interest. i have 2 now and the only complaint is that it's easy for kids to push the buttons below the wheel because they have smaller hands that slide up to the top of the grip. it helps if you use some grip tape.

2014.11.15, 12:16 PM
Ok thanks. That's actually alot of help, it's exactly what I needed. Thanks

2014.11.15, 10:13 PM
Or go all the way and pickup a used Futaba 4PK, then stuff the 901SM module inside of it. It is far superior(far far far superior) to any official KO/Kyosho radio.


2014.11.15, 10:30 PM
as mike mentioned, finding the module is an issue. must be comfortable with making the necessary modifications as well per the linked instructions.

2014.11.17, 11:37 AM
It would really be nice if they would just put the 901SM module back in production. That way there would be a couple of excellent beginner upgrades to either the old EX-1 or the EX-10 Helios as well as the Euros.