View Full Version : Racing club in Connecticut , Anyone interested

2014.11.16, 11:49 AM
Is anyone interested in starting a Mini Z club in central CT. We had a 1/32 scale track here
for the HPI rs32's It was great fun but not a lot of interest. BRFR hobbies is mostly a airplane and heli shop. The track is to small for mini zs (24" wide). If there was interest we might be able to get it set it up again.
If there is a interest in a Mini Z club, there are some locations in central CT that have shown a interest. The owner of On-track karting is open to RC. We looked at doing 1/5th scale on there outdoor go kart track, but the barriers are to high to see over on the back straight.
If you are close to Wallingford, CT, and have interest or ideas, lets talk.