View Full Version : First MR03 VE. First Mini z assembly?

2014.11.18, 10:27 AM
Ok. I've had quite a few other scale RCs but first Mini z and am having problems with the rear wheel attachment to the dif rod.

I got the black 50th anniversary model and it came with the bearing upgrade. The instructions say to use a little rubber o ring and not to have the thread past the wheel screw as having the thread flush or below the wheel nut is correct.

I see that one rear side doesn't get a bearing in the instructions but I'm confused about the play/slop left in the rear if only tight the nut according to the instructions. And I'm confused what to do with the o rings as one came assembled and two others are packaged

Sorry for such a noob question but it has me baffled. Either I've got it together correctly and need to tighten the hub screw more or I'm missing something to shorten up the slop.


2014.11.18, 03:02 PM
The tightening insructions only refer to the front wheels.

2014.11.18, 04:39 PM
The orange O-rings are replacements for the diff itself....you should see one installed on the side closest to the motor pod near the spur gear.

The drive side rear wheel requires the 3x6x2.5 bearing for smooth diff action but the non drive side should have a bushing that has a 2mm opening (2x6x2.5). That should deal with the slop.

2014.11.19, 12:02 AM
The tightening insructions only refer to the front wheels.

Ok. Now it all makes sense. Thank you.

2014.11.19, 12:18 AM
Now need to figure out how all these wheels and tires models work way can start upgrading/testing.