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2014.11.19, 12:20 AM
I am confused by the labeling of the tires. What does degree stand for concerning the tires? I currently have a GT R32 with wider rear wheels/tires and want to upgrade to aluminum wheels. And I want to buy a few different sets of tires to try for my tastes.

Can someone help me understand these labels of tires and wheels?

I've been reading and reading since I have always been into larger off road stuff until now so everything im reading is just rattling around in my noggin until I start getting familiar with the terms and information overload slows down. Just got the mini z and have two dnanos on the way along with some RCP tracks so really hoping to get into this over the winter.

2014.11.19, 01:33 AM
I am confused... by the labeling of the tires....

Here you go, Mini-Z Tire & Wheel info...


2014.11.19, 09:37 AM
So are all tires tall enough to fit every wheel?

Ah, now I see where it shows the height after different tires are applied to each size wheel. That bottom page wouldn't show up on my phone at first. I get it now except offsets.

Are offsets determined by each body or a combination of height, width, and body?

2014.11.19, 10:03 AM
Most bodies will use standard "Wide" tires on the rear and standard "Narrow" tires on the front. They both start at the same relative thickness.

There are tires made specifically for LM (limited modified) bodies that are taller and meant for smaller rims to stay true to scale. These are for bodies like the Mazda 787B and Porsche 962.

There are also F1 specific tires and Nascar specific tires.

The lower the number in degree means they are grippier. A standard combo to start with for most Mini-Z is 20deg rears and 30deg fronts...a bit harder front helps balance the grip leveles and allows for easy adjustment of corner grip levels. Kyosho tires are the most consistent from batch to batch but if you plan on using your chassis on RCP (the foam specific mat for mini-z) then be sure to avoid silicon based tires.

Wheel offsets means the inner hub either is flush or extends the wheel outwards to meet the body choice wheel well. There's a chart around here somewhere giving most current bodies specific front and rear offsets for MR03.

Good luck.;)

2014.11.19, 10:38 AM
Ok. I understand the tire differences. Got it now.

But the wheels related to body/chassis still confusing. For example.

I bought the 50th anniversary mr03 chassis which assembled is wide.

I bought a rs32 body which says narrow and the specs that came with the body say 4 tires R N but it actually came with more narrow front wheels/tires than the rear so the spec sheet is just confusing me.

Spec also says front offset 1.5 rear -1.0

2014.11.19, 11:53 AM
sometimes you have to "finesse" the fitment for certain bodies...for example the R32 Nissan GTR is meant for an AWD chassis and as such has may have offsets listed for AWD.

The other consideration is that the MR03 has a front that can be changed between "narrow" and "wide" configurations by swapping the lower kingpin holder and upper cover

I realize its a lot of info....it'll come to make sense eventually. As wheel offsets go the ones you've listed would make sense as:

-1.0 offsets rears in a wide width (I forgot to mention there is a negative offset so you can fit wide wheels under a narrow body)
+1.5 offset fronts in a "narrow" configuration.(with both top and bottom pieces switched to "N")

2014.11.19, 01:02 PM
I bought the MR-03N RM autoscale GT R-32 because it says it's "MR-03N" which I thought meant 2WD Rear motor like the chassis I have except had to convert to narrow with its provided parts?

2014.11.19, 03:51 PM
You've got it....there are different top cover and bottom kingpin holder which have an "N" on them for narrow configuration.

You might be able to buy 0 offset fronts to fit the "wide" configuration. If I recall correctly that is the width difference between wide and narrow...:D

2014.11.19, 04:01 PM
Ok. I wondered how using different offsets would work compared to W and N chassis. Like can I measure the difference between offsets and W/N and go with what equals the specs or does it only work with some bodies?

2014.11.19, 08:28 PM
You can calculate the offset difference and run equals most of the time but there are some narrow bodies that are too narrow and would get stretched out trying to fit it on a wide chassis.