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2014.11.20, 03:02 AM
after the recently concluded 2014 pnwc 10th anniversary race in singapore, i kinda noticed that some racers ran the pn board (which is compatible with spektrum radios)... seems pretty logical to pick one up especially if you already are running with a spektrum radio...

i also noticed that some of the racers who did use the pn board, ended on the podium as well...

here's a review of the board ---> click here (http://garage-z.blogspot.com/2014/10/have-you-spektrum-ed.html)

was wondering if anybody using these boards have the same observations, or if they could give their review...


so as curious as i was, i read up on the spektrum platform, and found out that they got a srs4200 4ch dsmr receiver (originally designed for the bigger 1/10 monster truck vaterra halix and losi rally x vehicles)...

the main feature of this receiver is that it offers a function called avc - active vehicle control which sounds like an improved gyro that helps control and assist, steering and throttle input from the driver...

here's a review of the spectrum dx4s ---> click here (http://www.bigsquidrc.com/review-spektrum-dx4s-4-channel-dsmr-avc-radio-system/)

a more afordable dx4c is also available and uses the same reciever and has the same avc function...

i was guessing that probably the next step as far as mini-z is concerned, is if the avc function can be transplanted into a new pcb??? with having the option of turning the avc on, or off... now, wouldn't that be definitely cool???

2014.11.20, 08:12 PM
Wouldn't the Kyosho Gyro do the same thing as AVC?

2014.11.21, 08:11 AM
Gyro only assists steering / counter steering while avc assists steering and throttle to help avoid spin outs.

2014.11.21, 08:56 AM
Kinda off topic, but can I use Lipo with this board ?:cool: I know PN say it can not:confused: on their website but anyone tried ?:D

2014.11.21, 12:03 PM
My opinion, if you dont want to steer yourself look into slot racing.
I mean why would you even want that?

2014.11.21, 06:49 PM
I guess that you would use lipo at your own risk...

2014.11.21, 07:08 PM
Hmm… you would still be driving (providing steering and throttle input to the car vs. throttle input on slot cars) but using avc will sort of assist driver input (steering & throttle), minimizing the occurance of spin outs, and will help by keeping the car track straight...

I believe this type of assisted driving is prohibited during actual races, which is why they allow you the option to turn the avc off...

There are different views on this... Some will like it, some won't... I just found it quite interesting to know that the technology is there... unlike a gyro (which is already available for the mini-z), avc also assists throttle control... I guess something like traction control...

And was just wondering if it could be scaled down and applied to mini-z... :D

2014.11.21, 09:56 PM

The Kyosho gyro I have also controls the throttle. If you look at the ICS settings, it has both steering and throttle gain adjustments for the gyro.

2015.01.25, 10:34 AM
Thanks for the info... I didn't know you could modify the gyro settings(steering & throttle)...

2015.01.29, 12:17 AM
Not sure if anyone has gone over this but I remembered a way you can set the endpoints on a brushed motor ESC. Take a multi-meter (volt meter) and touch the negative terminal on the battery side and the negative on the motor side. With the radio at full throttle you can adjust the radio end points at full throttle to get the lowest reading; this is full throttle. Just the opposite for reverse/brake. The highest reading will be your end point. Really helped me get the best feel from the throttle setting and the maximum brake feel. I now know on my radio that 115% forward and 138% brake are my true 100% and I can adjust down from there as the track requires.