View Full Version : Ko propo ex1 KIY help

2014.11.20, 11:58 AM
Hello, I just bought a few dnanos and a mini z so also bought a ver3 KIY transmitter.

I ran into the common problem of no reverse after pairing my dnano. Took a little searching but found the info in the dnano instruction which is intended for the kyosho kt18 transmitter.

So what trim should I use to adjust the neutral position way it will go into reverse? Should I use the sub trim or the TH trim?

Also should I use the settings in the sticky for the dnano or mini z even though I'm not using a module with the transmitter?

Sorry for being such a noob but it's something we all go through when getting into this hobby I suppose. There just isn't hardly any info out there to read or watch with Ko propo and dnano.