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2014.11.20, 07:47 PM
Ok. I'm a total noob but I am frustrated after changing my 50th Ann. MR-03VE RM to narrow way can get my GT-R32 MR-03N RM autoscale to fit properly.

I made the change which gave me a problem with my club fisted hands up front where the steering lines up and now the body won't fit or even come close. The back tires are way longer than the rear finders. Am I completely missing something that would make this fit or did they mess up on the labeling of the autoscale? This is my first mini z and now is making me think twice about what I thought seemed to be a great platform. Paying for an autoscale specifically labeled to match my chassis setup should fit, no?

I'm lost and any insight would be greatly appreciated!!!!

After looking at instructions again and again I think this chassis is in MM configuration and needs to be switched to RM.

Why would it be in MM config? That was really getting to me lol.

2014.11.20, 08:02 PM
You might have to change the wheel base if the rear wheels aren't lining up with your body. Have you looked at the manual for information on how to do this? The GT-R32 should be a 90MM body with a RM motor mount.

2014.11.20, 09:27 PM
I just set up the chassis to RM which is what I ordered and now it's too short of wheelbase!!!!

Need help please.

2014.11.20, 09:57 PM
Omg. Finally got it!! These are awesome but they truly need to hire someone to put one of these together that doesn't have a background in the hobby way they can make correct instructions. The three letters for shock stay and the bottom piece sure didn't tell me I should match them to the length of my body. And packaging a product saying it comes as MR-03W RM when it is actually MM can really irk somebody that has never seen either motor mount as I just assumed it was RM. It wasted a good two hours of my time trying to google search why my body wasn't fitting lol.

But now it's correct and running. Now my noobness is gonna carry over to transmitter setup. I have no clue how to do that either and of course not a single English Ko ProPo KIY setup YouTube video and only that sticky thread which deals with modules.

2014.11.21, 08:19 AM
Where are you from? Maybe a trip to a nearby track would be worthwhile... You can hang out and talk to local racers and find out and try their settings...

2014.11.21, 10:21 AM
I'm from western Kentucky. No tracks or clubs near me. There are only flying and larger scales in my area that why I bought 4 tracks to link together. Maybe some friends and family will like the track and counting system enough to get into the dnano and mini z cars. I have flyers and a losi 5T but the instructions on both of them were correct and easy to follow. But, at least after literally making every change to my chassis already gave me a fast learn of all its parts. And now I know what each looks like and won't have to take the word of a manufacturer that a chassis is configured one way when it's really not. Even the picture of the 50th MR-03W RM show it as a MM. So I had thought all the chassis that looked like it were RM.

Anyway. I wrote all this as I experienced it and hopefully it will help the next complete noob understand the little things that aren't included in the manual.

2014.11.21, 10:36 AM
But, at least after literally making every change to my chassis already gave me a fast learn of all its parts.

I've been at this for a while and I still struggle to keep up with all of the modifications and new aftermarket options available.

Anyways... welcome to the most innovative, overly engineered scale of RC ever!

High Speed Hobbies is your closest club at around an 8 hour drive from Bowling Green. :( Or just build your own track and get some friends turned on to the Zs. :D

2014.11.21, 11:16 AM
Yea the realistic body to chassis changes are what drew me to the mini z. I was originally just going to stick with the less popular dnano on the 30cm RCP track but made a compromise by ordering enough tracks that the majority of the lane widths will be 3 30cm wide which will allow some mini z track time. It won't be as fast as 3 wide 50cm lanes but will be a nice between.