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2014.11.22, 03:49 PM
Anyone have any experience with the 1/43 models? They look like they could be compared to the dnano but haven't found much info about them.

2014.11.22, 11:29 PM
Haven't seen one… Just saw some videos... They look pretty slow compared to kyosho's dnanos...

2014.11.23, 01:52 AM
Saw them live and also drove them. Not even close the the dnano - except the price. I would not recommend to spend any money on them.

2014.11.23, 10:28 AM
Cool. Thanks. I saw where they were going slow but just thought they were setup that way because of they small track they were on.

I'm just now getting into dnano and RCP so am late for most of the hop ups as they seemed to of died off. Like can't find any light kits or other older mods. I can see why they are not as popular as the mini z just because they can't be driven without a track.

2015.05.04, 09:21 AM
Since one of my other hobbies is collecting Siku's various diecast models, I know a little about them. Apparently, they have a light sensor on the bottom so that little paper puddles, oil slicks, and other obstacles can be put on the track so that the car can react to it. Also, the body is diecast metal, so of course it will be heavier, and thus slower.

Unlike the dNano, these are intended as (pricey) toys, instead of a hobby grade RC model.